MentorAbility is a national initiative which promotes the employment of people with disabilities in communities large and small throughout all Canadian provinces and territories



What Is MentorAbility?

MentorAbility is spearheaded in Alberta by Calgary Alternative Employment Services and Gateway Association. We are focused on developing mentoring experience in which job seekers with disabilities (proteges) are matched with individual employer mentors – to explore career opportunities and what they need to get ahead in their desired field of interest


Job-seekers experiencing barriers to employment that would like to know more about potential career paths 

Employer Mentors

Employers wanting to be more successful in employing individuals with disabilities, learning inclusive employment strategies and connecting with a pool of potential future employees 

Site Partner

Partnering local employment Service Provider  

Who Can Be a Protege?

Job seekers with disabilities that are wanting explore different career pathways and opportunities in their desired field of interest.
The MentorAbility Experience is arranged by an employment service provider.


The MentorAbility Experience could involve:

  • a tour of a workplace
  • meeting new people
  • finding out more information around a possible career path
  • receiving advice from experienced people in different types of work
  • having someone in HR provide feedback on your resume
  • job-shadowing (observing) to see what is involved with a job of interest
  • learning more about a specific industry
  • completing an informational or practice interview
  • expanding your professional network!
  • exploring the next steps on your career path!

Who Can Be a Mentor?

Organizations, businesses or working professionals who are interested in meeting and mentoring a person exploring careers in that particular industry sector. Businesses or working professionals wanting to be more successful in employing individuals with disabilities, learning inclusive employment strategies and connecting with a pool of potential future employees.

  • MentorAbility is free and there is no expectation of a job offer.
  • Employers can utilize MentorAbility to improve their inclusive recruitment, training, and engagement practices.
  • Employers and their staff learn more about workplace inclusion
  • Employers develop strong working relationships with site partners (local employment agencies)
  • Employers can easily tap into a pool of competent potential future employees.
  • Participating employers demonstrate community leadership and a commitment to workplace inclusion.

How to Become a Site Partner?

In MentorAbility, an employment service provider is referred to as a Site Partner.
A MentorAbility Site Partner enlists a workplace member to mentor a “matched” Protégé who wants to learn more about a specific workplace or career.
This initiative is about connecting employers and jobseekers, as well as raising awareness in the business community about the talent you represent. MentorAbility Canada can share your success stories and give increased visibility to your organization.
Here are some of the benefits of becoming a Site Partner:

  • increasing your employment inclusion outcomes
  • offering employers an effective engagement tool
  • increasing your profile as a local service provider who brings extensive knowledge around disability and inclusion
  • networking on a provincial and national level
  • accessing MentorAbility resources
  • promotion of your work by CASE and MentorAbility

How to Get Involved?

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