CAES is proud to represent ‘work-ready’ job-seekers to the Calgary business community.  Our Potential Candidates are pre-screened and we strive to ensure job-seekers connect with their primary job targets in order to ensure long term success for our Candidates and your business.  CAES offers ongoing support with work performance and job retention to our business partners.

Our Candidates have a 72 % higher staff retention rate and are ready to contribute to the success of your organization today!  To learn more about the many ways increasing your employee diversity can benefit your business Read More…



 Potential Candidates


Carla :


Carla is looking for P/T employment in a retail environment. Carla brings 3 years of experience in the fashion world and would be an asset to any retail team.  If you are interested in learning more about Carla, please call Diversity Engagement Consultant Jennifer Fournier at 403-283-0611.

Carla Resume
Mischa Reader-Fossen :

Mischa Reader-Fossen

Mischa’s experience and education in the area of daycare makes her an ideal candidate for an organization that is looking for qualified skilled staff.  Mischa enjoys working within a team environment, however is able to work independently.  If you are interested in learning more about Mischa contact us today to arrange an interview.

Mischa Reader-Fossen Resume
Charles Forget :

Charles Forget

Charles is a keen individual looking for part time work as a dishwasher or a stock clerk. Outside of his job search, Charles is an avid fan of the Calgary Flames and the Calgary Stampeders and enjoys catching the games from his home or live at the Saddledome. He is an enthusiastic team player and would be a great addition to any team. For a chance to interview Charles, contact CAES today.

Charles Forget Resume
Annette Galts :

Annette Galts

With her extensive experience in the food industry, Annette is an ideal candidate for any restaurant. Seeking part-time work as a hostess, Annette’s cheerful disposition and hard work ethic compliment her ability to make others feel welcomed. To add a valuable and loyal employee to your team, contact us today to set up an interview.

Annette Galts Resume
Karl MacNeil :

Karl MacNeil

Karl is passionate about cars and computers. His interest in areas of the automobile and electronic industries, as well as customer service, provide Karl with a strong set of skills which he can easily transfer over to other customer service positions. Karl is looking for part time work in an environment that promotes teamwork and best practices in customer service. Please don’t hesitate to contact Karl at 403-200-499, if you’re interested in meeting with him to further discuss how Karl would be a great addition to your company.

Karl MacNeil Resume
Patrick Flanagan :

Patrick Flanagan

Patrick is currently seeking part-time janitorial or stocking clerk positions. A lover of the Calgary Flames and Stampeders, Patrick also spends his free time at his local Legion. With his great amount of maintenance experience, Patrick is a qualified and passionate team member. A dedicated and enthusiastic worker, he would be a great addition to your team today. Please contact us to set up an interview with Patrick.

Patrick Flanagan Resume



 Successful Candidates


Jessica Hoffman :

Jessica Hoffman

Jessica is proud to be a new team member at the Seton Superstore.  Jessica joins this inclusive team as a Cashier and is thoroughly enjoying her new position.  Congratulations to both Jessica and the team at the Seton Superstore for championing inclusive workplaces.

Successful Candidate

Alexander Oswell :

Alexander Oswell

Alex is excited to be the newest member of the kitchen team at local inclusive employer Re:Grub Burger Bar.  We are proud to partner with a local business that makes workplace diversity a high priority and look forward to watching Alex excel in this new opportunity.

Successful Candidate

Tyler Hurdal :

Tyler Hurdal

Tyler has joined the inclusive team at his neighborhood Safeway as a Grocery Clerk.  Tyler is excited to contribute to Safeway's ongoing success as a diverse employer and is looking forward to growing in his role with the company.  We applaud Safeway for their ongoing commitment to inclusive employment and look forward to seeing Tyler thrive in his new role.

Successful Candidate

Devan Holt :

Devan Holt

"So this morning, Devan is on the plant floor by himself dumping bins and has another employee running the shredder.  I happened to look at the cameras and see the bobcat running in the dump room and realized that it is Devan driving the bobcat!  I am so impressed with this guy!  He was very hesitant to drive either the bobcat or the forklift, but Gage spent some time with him showing him how it’s done.  He is now pretty much running the whole show on the plant floor – doing what needs to be done without any supervision.  He is by far one of the best hires I ever made!"

Nikki King

Plant Manager
Iron Mountain Inc.

Successful Candidate

Michelle Ho :

Michelle Ho

Michelle has been with Toombs Inc, a dynamic Transition Management company which provides career transition services to clients for a mere month and already the accolades are flowing. Michelle’s Manager Karen is very pleased with Michelle’s commitment and competence. Michelle has taken on duties in filing and sorting, which has enabled the office’s administrative paper load to be pared down to manageable levels. Michelle will be trained in other duties as the need arises and the effect of her work accomplishments will continue to be felt throughout the office. Her colleagues are also impressed by Michelle’s happy disposition and hard work, and they are very pleased that she is part of the team. Hiring Michelle has been win/win business decision for Toombs Inc.

Successful Candidate

Kelsey Engbloom :

Kelsey Engbloom

Kelsey is thrilled to be providing Customer Service to her fellow Flames and Hitman fans at the FanAttic store.  Kelsey and the FanAttic organization are a fantastic representation of the great outcomes of inclusive workplaces.  Visit our YouTube page to see Kelsey share her FanAttic experience On the Job: Kelsey at FanAttic

Successful Candidate

Jessica Amos :

Jessica Amos

Jessica has taken a position with the team at CARYA, specifically supporting seniors with their day to day needs within their homes.  Jessica enjoys being a part of this dynamic team and looks forward to growing with the organization.

Successful Candidate

Sherinne Fox :

Sherinne Fox

Sherrine is currently employed at the Super 8 Hotel in the early morning position of Breakfast Attendant. Super 8 have been a supportive and inclusive employer and we applaud their efforts to champion workplace diversity.

Successful Candidate

Marc Neil :

Marc Neil

Marc has been working at SilverCity Cineplex since October of 2012.  Marc is incredibly passionate about the entertainment industry and is thrilled to be building a career with Cineplex.

Successful Candidate

Sylvia Noordhof :

Sylvia Noordhof

Sylvia is thrilled to be working in the kitchen with Head Chef Terry, and looks forwards to growing with the team at Jubilations Dinner Theatre.  Jubilations is not only an incredibly inclusive employer but also a fun loving and exciting organization to partner with.

Successful Candidate


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