Inspired Work, Inspired People
CAES is an outcomes driven employment placement service which provides Pre-screened Candidates, Inclusive Recruitment & Onboarding Support, and Post-placement consulting; at no cost to the employer. CAES is ‘on-call’ to provide long term support to the employers we serve. Your recruitment and retention success is our number one goal.

Recruitment Services

Did you know that 46% of businesses hiring decisions fail in the first year? CAES can help employers significantly improve your recruitment and retention success. CAES provides Inclusive Recruitment & Onboarding Support, Pre-screened Candidates and Post-placement consulting. CAES methodically pre-screens candidates to find the ebest.

Business Partnerships

Since 1998 CAES has partnered with inclusive employers in Calgary to help fill their personnel and labour needs. Dozens of Calgary businesses rely on CAES each year and we are deeply committed to our business partnerships. CAES works with the Calgary business community to increase their workplace diversity and our number one goal is your long term success!


CAES is proud to represent ‘work-ready’ job-seekers to the Calgary business community. Our Potential Candidates are pre-screened and we strive to ensure job-seekers connect with their primary job targets in order to ensure long term success for our Candidates and your business. CAES offers ongoing support with performance and job retention to our business partners.


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How Can Diversity help your organization?