Modifications to CASS Operations

Effective March 13th, 2020

 Due to the COVID-19 concerns and actions being taken, all of the CASS/CAES workshops for March and April have been canceled until further notice

At this time, CAES remains operational, albeit with modifications to its operations. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CAES is working hard to transition some of our services to remote workshops and assisting participants with accessing programs and tools to be able to utilize these new services.  The workshops will be starting in April.  Look out for workshop updates. 

While the CASS Main Office remains open at this time, clients are being asked to avoid visiting unless strictly necessary. The CASS Main Office doors will be locked and all visitors will need to be let in.  Wherever possible, staff are being encouraged to work from home, and to meet with clients, staff, and others remotely (over the phone or via remote meeting software) rather than in person.   

The safety and wellness of our clients and staff is our utmost concern and we appreciate your patience and understanding regarding the changes that need to be made to our operations at this time.

For links to additional resources please see the CASS COVID-19 info page here: http://www.c-a-s-s.org/covid19