Business Partner Action Plan

“The keys to success are leadership and effective community partnerships.”Rethinking Disability in the Private Sector, 2013

Is your organization looking to improve your inclusive recruitment and onboarding success but unsure of where to start? CAES builds employer capacity in inclusive recruitment and diversity management. The Business Partner Action Plan has 7 concrete steps your company can utilize in your recruitment and engagement processes. Contact us today to increase your company’s capacity in attracting and retaining a diverse workforce!


Action Plan for Inclusive Recruitment and Onboarding Success

Community Partnership with CAES:

1. Set up an information exchange meeting with CAES.

2. Agree to view a limited number of CAES Qualified Candidate Profiles each year.

3. Notify CAES of upcoming positions and job postings.

4. Conduct an Informational Interview with a CAES Candidate to provide information about job opportunities and position requirements.

5. Conduct a Formal Interview with a ‘talent-matched’, pre-screened CAES Candidate for a possible job offer.

6. Consult with CAES to develop a Customized Action Plan for inclusive recruitment and onboarding.

7. Have your Leadership express written support to your Management and HR Departments for a Community Partnership with CAES.

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