Modifications to CASS Operations
Effective March 13th, 2020

At this time, CAES remains operational, albeit with modifications to it’s operations.

While the CASS Main Office remains open at this time, clients are being asked to avoid visiting unless strictly necessary. The CASS Main Office doors will be locked and all visitors will need to be let in.  Wherever possible, staff are being encouraged to work from home, and to meet with clients, staff, and others remotely (over the phone or via remote meeting software) rather than in person. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CAES is working hard to transition some of our services to remote workshops  and assisting participants with accessing programs and tools to be able to utilize these new services.  These will be starting in April.  Look out for workshop updates.

The safety and wellness of our clients and staff is our utmost concern and we appreciate your patience and understanding regarding the changes that need to be made to our operations at this time.

For links to additional resources please see the CASS COVID-19 info page here:


How CAES Supports Business:

Did you know that 46% of businesses hiring decisions fail in the first year? CAES can help employers significantly improve your recruitment and retention success.  CAES provides Inclusive Recruitment & Onboarding Support, Pre-screened Candidates and Post-placement consulting.  CAES methodically pre-screens candidates to ensure we present the most qualified and best suited candidates for your business. CAES facilitates hiring confidence and retention success.

CAES is an outcomes driven employment placement service which provides Pre-screened Candidates, Inclusive Recruitment & Onboarding Support, and Post-placement consulting; at no cost to the employer. CAES is ‘on-call’ to provide long term support to the employers we serve. Your recruitment and retention success is our number one goal.

Our Services Include:

Helping job-seekers identify and prepare for their career goals.
Assisting employers to recruit, train and retain employees – with a focus on diversity and inclusion.  CAES connects employers with a diverse talent pipeline.
Providing post-hire support to ensure success and job retention; CAES provides ongoing support to the employer at no cost.
Disability Accessibility Audits; including HR recruitment and on-boarding processes, training, and workplace environmental audits.
Psychological Health and Safety workshops and consultations on a fee-for-service basis. The new Workplace Psychological Health and Safety Standard is currently voluntary but will eventually be incorporated into mandatory Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Standards.
Our experience with CAES has been fabulous from the start. CAES has a wonderful compassionate team who are very approachable. This approach-ability allows the employer to feel comfortable contacting them anytime for guidance, questions and support. They have also helped us find some amazing employees who are great assets to our company and still a part of our team years later!
Syreeta Bennie

General Manager, Jubilations Dinner Theatre

The hiring and on-boarding process went perfectly, I wish that it could go like this with all new hires. (CAES Candidate) Devon is a wonderful addition to our team and has exceeded our expectations in every way imaginable!
Nikki King

Plant Manager, Iron Mountain Secure Shred

Calgary Alternative Employment Services (CAES) is:



Providing leading edge services for work ready job-seekers and inclusive employers since 1998.

People Focused

Building the capacity of job-seekers and employers to succeed on their terms.

Knowledge and Supportive

Over 15 years of expertise in the areas of employability, diversity, retention and workplace culture.

Success Oriented

Providing services which generate positive outcomes for both business and job seekers.

For more information on how CAES Services can benefit your organization, contact us today.