Assess blog image smallThis blog is the fourth installment regarding the last attribute that Michael Hyatt proposes in his article ‘Creating a Sense of Urgency’.
The fourth attribute is Assess. In his article, Hyatt states that urgency doesn’t rule out assessment, in fact it demands it. The author is adamant that assessing assists in eliminating what works, and what doesn’t work. He challenges the reader to question everything as to whether or not it impedes or facilitates the desired outcome.
Hyatt follows up with strategies that the reader can implement in everyday practices. Examples of strategies are eliminating unnecessary paperwork, responding faster to emails and voicemails, keeping meetings short and to the point, be quick to change tactics, and last but not least, do it now!
I found the author’s article thought-provoking, and I appreciated his efforts to move theory into practice.

Stephen Wright

Diversity Engagement Consultant at Calgary Alternative Employment Services
My cosmic journey in the human services sector has provided me with the wonderful experience of assuming a medley of roles over the last three decades. I've been employed in a variety of positions both in Canada and overseas, with the last 20 years in the area of supported employment. My passion lies in the area of career development, and the design and delivery of training curriculum in the human service industry.
Stephen Wright