DEAM icon - red 400 x 400For the past 11…yep count ’em that’s 11 weeks of listening to 3 parties present their policies and try to sell you on why they are best for our country… WAIT! Backspace, Delete, Refresh! If you’re like me and millions of other Canadians you have about had it and are quite exhausted with hearing about the election.   In the midst of all of this, the #CAESteam has been participating in many exciting events for Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM). Calgary Alternative Employment Services (CAES) and the Calgary Employment First Network (CEFN) have been preparing for what is sure to be a celebration of Diversity and Inclusion, and to recognize an employer that has demonstrated a commitment to best practices in hiring employees with disabilities. On Friday October 23rd from 3 – 6pm we invite you to head down to Heritage Save-On-Foods on MacLeod Trail South to cast your ballot and vote! Oops sorry!… I mean join us at our Cash Mob of Save-On-Foods to recognize an outstanding community partner, and their commitment to inclusive and diverse workplaces. While you’re there pick up some pantry essentials, get those last minute baking supplies, or pick up dinner on the way home – a unique chance to shop for a great cause!