Supportive Employer Blog Image SMALLIn the past few months, many organizations have expressed that their HR teams are implementing an increased focus on diversity recruitment this year.  For some employers that may simply mean adding to their existing diversity utilizing previously developed inclusive recruitment practices.  For others that may mean developing more inclusive practices throughout their organization to better support their current staff.   What we’ve been hearing from a few employers is that while they may have some practices in place, they feel they are lacking a comprehensive inclusive recruitment, on-boarding / training, and retention plan.  CAES has developed this seminar specifically for YOU.  For the employer who is striving for more in their workplace, for the employer who is looking to truly champion diversity.  We understand that tangible, practical strategies are needed in order to truly build the inclusive capacity of local businesses, and we’ve developed our employer seminar with exactly this in mind.  CAES has a long history of partnering with local business leaders and we are excited to meet new employers who are eager to better their workplaces.  Join us on April 23rd to meet with industry diversity experts and other local business leaders to gain skills to access new pools of talent and better support your existing diversity.  We understand you are striving to build a productive and engaged inclusive workplace; CAES is here to assist you.

CAES is excited to offer the first of a two-part series on Workplace Diversity Strategies. These Seminars will provide Calgary Employers with insights, information and tools to build their capacity to engage in inclusive recruitment and create inclusive workplaces.  Discover how to increase your organizational diversity and develop an inclusive and engaged workplace culture.  Become an employer of choice and be a leader in your field!

We look forward to seeing you on April 23 at the Calgary Chamber of CommerceRegister today as there are limited tickets available!