Summer is finally here bringing a positive energy, a time for relaxing, vacationing and also a time thriving with many exciting opportunities for connecting with your community and the people within it. Living in such a fast paced society and working full time can lead to a very little amount of time at home or being in your community. Sometimes you know your neighbor and then others you don’t? Why is this?

As summer comes upon us there are many free community events popping up all over the city. These events offer neighbors and people of all walks of life to come together to celebrate community, friendship, support, and hope. For many employers and job seekers this could be an incredible way to meet and connect with someone regarding employment who lives in your very neighborhood.  Community events provide a safe and supportive environment to network and market your skills and experiences with others who may share similar interests and passions. Your future awesome and inclusive boss, or your efficient and reliable employee, could be just around the block and you might not have known if you hadn’t taken the time to participate in something special, rewarding, and close to home.

Check out this Calgary Events internet guide for local Calgary community information and associations.  Enjoy!

Erin, CC