Connecting Mini Image BlogWhat is ES&G? You might be surprised that although it’s not common language, it IS becoming common practice.   Environmental, Social Responsibility and Governance (ES&G) allows businesses to assess their performance using non-financial considerations.  More and more, organizations recognize the value of social and environmental responsibility and embrace actions that encourage a positive impact on consumers, employees, and communities.  This year’s event will host a panel of experts who highlight how it has changed the way their organizations operate and the tangible (fiscal) difference using ES&G has had on their bottom lines.

CAES is fortunate to work with many business leaders who embrace ES&G to develop inclusive workplaces.  This has truly impacted their bottom lines because when employees feel good about where they work, and consumers feel good about where they buy, it drives new business to your door!

To learn more about innovative methods that are quickly becoming the new reality, register to attend ES&G Forum 2014 taking place in Calgary on September 23.