Community Blog Image small 150As all of us who attended last month’s NDEAM breakfast event know, success in the workplace is as much about leadership as it is about encouraging inclusive attitudes. If there is one character that was immensely modeled at this year’s Disability Employment Awareness event, it was leadership. When it comes to promoting inclusive workplaces in Calgary, true leadership remains vibrant.

The Employer Panel at the event included leaders from the Calgary Flames Organization, Village Brewery, World Health Fitness and Agrium Inc. This collection of managers demonstrated simple steps to take when hiring a person with a disability and offered a great number of terrific learning opportunities from personal experiences.  Employers shared that their inclusive hiring practices and partnerships with service providers allowed them to further develop their leadership skills and spoke to the many benefits their workplaces had experienced, such as increased employee engagement. It was in the words of these speakers that we celebrate the positive impact fostering workplace diversity has had in the Calgary business community.  Thank you panelists for your true leadership!

If you’re a leader striving to make a difference in your business, join the 50-50-50 Challenge.  This Leadership Challenge allows your business to gain professional, customized supports to help you engage in successful inclusive recruitment and onboarding.  Let us help you demonstrate your commitment to creating a diverse workplace and experience the benefits that inclusive employment has brought to other Calgary Business Diversity Leaders.