Jessica has always had a passion for dogs and wished to become a dog groomer. Being a dog groomer requires a lot of patience and the ability to work with all types of dogs. Over a year ago, Jessica began her journey volunteering at the Calgary Humane Society and getting more comfortable being around dogs. Knowing she needed more interaction with dogs to make her dream a reality, she set out to gain more insight on dogs. With support from her father Mike Goulden, Jessica has been able to transform her house into one capable of boarding dogs. This has allowed her to now take care of all the dog’s day to day needs and learn more about how to handle different behaviors, which is an important skill for a dog groomer to have. Jessica’s Career Consultant, Pamela Perez, has supported her journey by finding a dog trainer that could give her suggestions and the initial confidence to walk and take care of dogs. Together, they have come up with a business name and logo, gained clients from passing out flyers in her community, and set up a Rover account (from which she has already got 3 clients).

As of today, Jessica is enjoying all the activities associated with walking and boarding dogs, and has taken care of over 4 different dogs, making over $400 in less than two months since starting her business.

The best part of the story is that Jessica is more dedicated than ever; as combining her passion for dogs and work has made her life, and the dogs she takes care of, happier and healthier. She is currently well on her way to becoming a dog groomer while learning and making a steady income along the way.