When I think of workplace wellness there has been a real disconnect with organization’s understanding the value of implementing practices and policies that support and value their employees. An organization’s employees truly are their most valuable assets; if they are supported in healthy ways, it significantly impacts retention and the quality of work produced. How do we foster inclusive environments for those that struggle with mental health? Employees have rights and we are really starting to #GETLOUD about them.

As an organization you can start small; ensure that you have adequate equipment, desks and seating that aren’t damaging to the physical body. Having some plant life and an inviting atmosphere to meet and eat can even make a difference. On a larger scale, are your employees overworked? Are you compensating your employees adequately? Compensation doesn’t only include wages, but also includes a variety of benefits. Many organizations offer Employee Assistance Programs within their benefits, which offer varying supports, short term counseling, and referrals to other supports as needed.

As an employee, you can speak to your HR department or even your manager about workplace accommodations or supports that would help you. Take some initiative and find out about the benefits that are offered through your organization. Suggest some team building activities -participating in activities together really helps build connections in the workplace. Speak to your family doctor – Alberta Health Services offer significant supports free of charge or on a sliding scale fee.

We are VALUABLE human beings and the louder we get about our authentic selves, the more acceptance we can offer each other.  The more acceptance we can foster, the more solutions we can come up with together. Mental health is a community issue. Be a part of the community that helps those around you thrive.