Hour Glass Blog Image SmallMichael Hyatt’s article Creating a Sense of Urgency resonates with me as his piece talks about the need to have a sense of urgency to our work.

The author begins his article by describing the impact a sense of urgency has on both small and larger businesses. Small businesses have a sense of urgency in order to survive and prosper whereas larger organizations are able to maintain the status quo, and are able to continue with their usual business practices. Hyatt maintains that instilling a sense of urgency in one’s workplace will increase an organization’s competitive advantage.

Hyatt provides the reader with four main steps to create a sense of urgency, followed by advice as to what individuals can do to create an “atmosphere” of urgency within their daily work habits. The four steps are Activate, Accelerate, Achieve and Assess. Hyatt’s posting gives a macro perspective of creating a “Sense of Urgency” within both one’s organization, and a micro perspective that can occur within our daily routines.

I highly recommend reading this article, as Hyatt’s suggestions are invigorating, and can lead to rejuvenating one’s energy level at work. Stay tuned for our series on Hyatt’s work as I explore a different step each week of the 4 step suggestions for fostering a sense of urgency in your organization.