Green traffic light blog image smallIn the article “Creating a Sense of Urgency”, Michael Hyatt states the first step of his four step process as  ‘Activate’.   I felt that this step is appropriate for the political and economic climate that we are all experiencing.  I’ve experienced a few slumps in our economy caused by decreasing government revenues (decreasing oil and gas prices), and have felt the hardship imposed by government cuts to our already diminishing budgets.

I think now is the time to Activate; to commit to that first move.  Instead of falling back into survival mode which compels us to look to the very short term future, let’s raise our eyes to the horizon.  Activating and mobilizing ourselves to move forward is a much better alternative to standing still, waiting for the almighty scythe to coming swooping down.  Creating dialogue within our workplaces and within one’s sector leads to other perspectives that guide us toward our goals.  Dialogue is innovative, and more often than not allows one to view an issue or problem differently, creating a greater degree of success.

If organizations choose not to Activate, and their reaction time to address a particular problem is not efficient enough,  than failure occurs and all the data collection and risk management development will be futile, as organizations will become stagnant and inefficient.  Activation is the first crucial step in creating the momentum to foster long term and sustainable change.  Stay tuned for more in this mini-series on Michael Hyatt’s useful four step process to create urgency in the workplace.