ThActivate Image blog smallis week’s review of  Michael Hyatt’s article, Creating a Sense of Urgency  features a specific focus on the second step in his cycle; Accelerate.

I thought the step Accelerate is an appropriate follow up to Activate.

Now is the time to accelerate, to instill that sense of urgency. However, it’s imperative to keep that momentum going. There are numerous barriers to accelerating. Paperwork, processes budgets, and yes the infamous committee meetings. Granted some of these are necessary, but not all, and certainly not all of the time. Hyatt reminds us that bureaucracies have the potential to be self-serving, and that often the process becomes an end to itself. He reminds that identifying and removing obstacles should be the primary focus in order to keep momentum going.

I can certainly identify with this piece, and I’m beginning to realize that I too can be part of the problem with creating barriers to momentum. Again I’m struck by the author’s ability to highlight strategies which can be used immediately.

Stay tuned for more in this mini series as we explore the remaining steps in ‘Creating a Sense of Urgency’.