Consulting image blog 150xNew Year’s resolutions bring out the most ambitious, but often poorly thought out, aspirations.  The gyms will be packed city-wide, Sport Chek will make a small fortune on running leggings and LuLu Lemon will sell out of yoga mats.  Before you know it it’s March and the gyms are back to being half full, running leggings are tucked away neatly in the bottom drawer and the yoga mat is buried in the hall closet.  While I love the optimism of New Year’s resolutions, I am often somewhat let down by how quickly these goals are forgotten.

In light of this I have more resolute, ambitious goals for 2015. Together with the CAES team, Calgary business leaders, and fellow community members I hope that we will strive all year to foster more inclusive workplaces and communities.  2014 has been an exciting year of challenges and partnerships and I feel that Calgary is moving forward towards becoming the booming, inclusive metropolis we all know it can be.  Let’s spend this year focused on pushing towards increased diversity in the workplace, on creating employment opportunities for all Calgarian’s alike, and for fostering a truly inclusive Calgary. Calgary attracts so many exciting and interesting people with its air of opportunity and buzz of change and growth.  There’s never been a better time for bold Calgary Business Diversity Leaders to foster diversity in their workplaces.  Join our Calgary Business Leadership Challenge 50-50-50 and make a resolution with benefits that will last longer than the year!