What exactly do we mean ‘Marketing Practices’? Are we putting up giant billboards? Are we mass emailing employers? Are we throwing resumes off the roof? While others may have broad and sometimes overwhelming marketing practices, we here at CAES operate differently.  Our philosophy on marketing might seem a little old fashioned – we’re looking to build a long term sustainable relationship, one which benefits all parties equally.  After all, no relationship has any longevity if it’s not mutually serving all involved.

We begin our process of marketing by meeting with job ready candidates after they have completed the ‘Career Exploration and Pre-Screening’ phase.  Our candidates come to us with their top job choices that have been investigated and the required qualifications have been vetted for.  It’s important to us that we are supporting candidates to pursue career opportunities with companies they are passionate about working for, where their skills will contribute to the organization’s success.  We understand that each employer has specific hiring needs that differ from organization to organization.  In order to ensure success we take the time needed to get to know you, your organization, and your staffing needs.  When we know our candidate’s strengths and we understand your business needs, we can assist you to successfully increase your workplace employee diversity, improve your staff retention rates, boost productivity, and contribute to developing an overall more inclusive workplace culture.

Are we magical mystical matchmakers? Are we unicorn hunters? Sometimes.  Mostly we focus our efforts on building long term relationships with the business community that are based on transparency, genuine understanding, and a passion for helping Calgary Business Leaders champion diversity in the workplace.  As for the hiring process, it’s simply “business as usual”.  All hiring processes to onboard our qualified candidates are the same as your standard practices commonly utilized for all other new hires.  We know that recruiting new staff can be challenging and that staff turnover is incredibly time consuming- we’re here to help!

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