The best way to ensure our candidates reach their potential is to support them through a comprehensive career exploration process. Starting with intake we carefully pre-screen job seekers so that only those with a clear desire to work are served. We take stock of an individual’s work history, education, aspirations and life circumstances prior to admission. Mindful and wholehearted participation is necessary when big life decisions are being made and we make certain our candidates are up to the task.

From intake to hitting the bricks with resumes in hand is a process that takes 3 plus months for most of our candidates. Taking the time up front to get to know an individual and explore options thoroughly is a worthwhile investment. When a candidate has solid, realistic job choices rooted in their values, talents and interests  we see successful placements, high retention, job satisfaction and a positive ripple effect in the workplace.

We use any and all methods at our disposal to support well informed decision making. Informational tours and interviews are a great way to demystify relatively unknown professions and workplaces. Imagine having an opportunity to connect with a mentor in your field and take a behind the scenes tour of a desired industry, or perhaps trying a job on before you commit with a half-day job shadow. These type of hands on, experiential exploration tools take the guesswork out of selecting a career path. Trial sessions and engaging community activities also provide us with a great opportunity to see our candidates in action, and provide our own feedback on the feasibility of various options.

Only when a candidate has arrived at an examined, deconstructed and field-tested career choice do they move into the marketing phase. Our tried and true formula allows us to represent truly work-ready candidates and helps us ensure the best possible match with employers, which in turn ensures long-term retention and employee success.