The importance of mental health has finally been recognized as a crucial component in overall health and well being. In turn, many of us are now recognizing how important of a role mental health plays in our workplaces. The Mental Health Commission of Canada reports that on an average week, 500 000 Canadians will be absent from work due to a mental health issue. Psychological health and safety in the workplace is more than simply a health priority, there are also serious financial implications for mentally unhealthy work environments; with 70% of disability costs and a loss of $51 billion to the economy each year due to mental illness. In recognizing this significant barrier to healthy and productive workplaces the Mental Health Commission of Canada partnered with the Canadian Standards Association to develop the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (the Standard). The Standard is a comprehensive collection of guidelines and resources created with the focus of promoting employee mental health, reducing psychological harm in the workplace, and fostering open and supportive climates of psychological well being across workplaces. While the Standard is currently a voluntary guideline, it is widely toted that the Standard will soon become a widespread mandated workplace policy.

CAES recognizes the value of employee mental health and psychological healthy workplaces in the development of happy and productive workplaces. Our employees, candidates and business partners are our most important resources and their well being is of paramount importance to us. CAES has implemented the Standard and associated tools and resources within its larger parent agency Calgary Alternative Support Services. We have found these guidelines have allowed us to open an agency wide dialogue about mental health in the workplace and given us the platform to improve our practices to ensure we are consistently fostering psychological health and safety in the workplace. When first approaching the guidelines of the Standard it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin. CAES has years of experience supporting Calgary business leaders to develop and foster inclusive and supportive workplaces.  Armed with this wealth of expertise and our own experience implementing the Standard, CAES is excited to offer Workplace Psychological Health and Safety Consulting to the Calgary business community. Take a proactive approach and implement the Standard at your workplace today. With CAES’ assistance you can show your employees that their mental health and well being is your top priority – an effort that will undoubtedly be rewarded by increased employee engagement and workplace productivity.

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