Finding work is more technical, automated, and simplified than ever. This does not mean that those looking have it any easier getting responses. Employers understandably have limited resources and time concerning potential workers and their applications, but would be well-served by getting to know applicants better from the start. These concerns could be ameliorated with a limited questionnaire completed by a position’s applicant. Such a vehicle could provide a less-intensive introduction for an employer to begin personalizing a potential worker. Questions like “Do you possess a Class 5 Driver’s License?” are to be expected for basic qualities verification, but examples of this sort do very little to provide insight into a job applicant’s personality. I would propose, along with the standard resume and cover letter required, opportunities to let an applicant differentiate themselves from other applicants. If more recruiters asked “Are you detail-oriented or do you prefer to look at the bigger picture?” or “Do you try to avoid conflict?” then the process would carry more depth and understanding. A personality is what every individual has, and this is the key factor overlooked, as I see it, in recruiting people online. If internal and contracted recruiters allowed for more personalization as part of the hiring process, I believe that the individual suitability of skilled workers would shine through. This would allow them to increasingly get a figurative foot in the door with regards to attracting the attention of employers.

Erik Nilson, CAES Candidate