The first time I met Riley I was blown away by his natural kindness and maturity. After recently graduating from High School Riley found himself motivated to look for a new and exciting career to ease him into the workforce and save towards his first vehicle. When starting career exploration and getting to know Riley’s skills and passions he was not shy to tell me how much he enjoyed hunting and being outdoors with nature and his family. I instantly knew Riley was an avid outdoors man with a love and respect for the wilderness. For Riley picking his dream job was simple because it was his favorite place, Bass Pro Shops. Riley lights up with enthusiasm every time he speaks about Bass Pro and how he enjoys going there on the weekends with his family.

Working alongside his marketer Riley eagerly applied to Bass Pro Shops hoping for a chance at his dream job. Riley was given an opportunity for an interview at Bass Pro and immediately won their hearts over with his sincere manners and kindness. When looking at Riley’s talents and strengths Bass Pro offered Riley a part time position with their front end department as a greeter. Riley was thrilled to join the positive team at Bass Pro and become a contributing long-term employee.

Riley has been employed at Bass Pro since the first week of April and loves his new position, his hard work speaks to his deep commitment and admiration for his employer. Bass Pro Shops continues to be an amazing inclusive employer and is committed to enhancing the working lives of all their employees.

Erin, CC