Tony French World Health imageAfter being a dedicated World Health Club employee for three years Tony decided to become even more involved with his team and his health. Tony’s goal was to become fit and improve his overall health and wellness. Tony enjoys playing floor hockey and wanted to feel more confident with his current abilities and who better to help him than the experts at World Health. With the tremendous support and encouragement from his World Health Club team Tony is well on his way to achieving his health goals. Tony’s management team and co-workers jumped on the chance to support their team mate and were eager to share their knowledge of health.

Tony was anxious to get started and work on his fitness plan. Once in place Tony started going into work an extra thirty minutes early before each shift to work out. Tony immediately starting noticing a difference in his weight and began to feel more energetic and happy. Tony also began to think differently about his eating habits and started to promote healthy eating within his own life, and sharing his new knowledge within his support circle.

Tony and World Health Team Blog Image

Having his team and trainers standing behind him every step of the way has meant so much to Tony and proves that employment is only one part of having a holistic and positive life. Employers who take the time to participate and actively engage in their employee’s lives will not only have better employees but also a better workplace community. One of the most important things to see within a person is when they are genuinely proud of their accomplishments and that’s exactly how Tony feels. His pride continues to shine as Tony has now lost almost fifty pounds in the past few months and feels like a new man.

-Erin, Career Consultant