When you think of someone fully ingrained into the fabric of a business you often imagine a CEO or a 25 year employee. However, when you combine a business dedicated to community and building a diverse workforce and an employee with a strong work ethic and dedication, you achieve amazing results. Chris has only been employed with Lowe’s for a few months but his team has already shown that he is truly a part of their tight knit business.

This past Friday I received a phone call from Lowe’s Home Improvement Centre Manager Christine stating that while Chris was working his bike had been stolen. Knowing that this was his only mode of transportation, I grew a great fear that perhaps he would no longer be able to get to and from work. Christine then proceeded to tell me that when she informed the Lowe’s team of this incident the team responded with outstanding compassion, generosity and community spirit. The Lowe’s team banded together and collected funds for a new bike for Chris. They even went a step ahead and raised an extra donation for a new (even more secure!) bike lock. Chris has already purchased a fantastic new bike and lock and can been seen in and around the NE community riding his bike to work!

CAES is grateful to partner with such an outstanding and supportive business and deeply values the commitment the Lowe’s team has made to their staff and their community.