by Pamela Perez

Jesse is a very talented guy, he loves to play the piano, he is a huge fan of the Calgary Flames, and he loves to talk to people. Jesse obtained his inclusive post-secondary education certificate of completion in Broadcasting from Mount Royal University in June 2019, and he is very proud of this achievement. 

“My dream job is to one day be able to work for the Flames and be able to talk to people all day and apply my broadcasting skills. I also love to play the piano, music is an important part of my life”.

In the following video you can see Jesse playing the song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran:

Perfect by Ed Sheeran                                                                                    

Jesse is currently working at Tim Hortons on Sundays, where the manager, Rachel Esguerra, has a lot of great things to say about him.

“When I interviewed him, it seemed to me that he was the one interviewing me, I was surprised at all the questions he had about the role he was applying to. He is great to work with, if there is something he doesn’t understand he lets us know,  he is excellent at greeting guests, checking his schedule, and being organized. We are very happy to have him here”. 

Jesse also likes to volunteer at Studio Bell on date night, where he goes and plays the piano or assists people that have any inquiries.

“I love to help people and talk to people, that is why I enjoy volunteering. I like being part of CAES because it will allow me to achieve to my dream of being able to work for the Flames, as well as be better at my job at Tim Hortons, I appreciate all the support”.