UniFirst Blog ImageUniFirst is one of the largest workwear and textile service companies providing work uniforms and services to businesses in diverse industries, while fostering safe and healthy work environments.  UniFirst and CAES have had a positive, dynamic working relationship for over 12 years. UniFirst has been promoting inclusive workplaces with CAES since 2002 when they first hired two CAES Candidates who have made huge contributions to the company with their competence, industriousness and loyalty.  The company and its Management Team have been an open and accessible partner to CAES.  Inclusive thinking, supportive strategies and a commitment to diversity have been a hallmark of  UniFirst’s Management philosophy and action.

UniFirst and CAES have an ongoing relationship and CAES continues to be a hiring resource for work-ready Candidates for this inclusive employer.  The continued success of these employees and the comprehensive support provided by CAES through communication and feedback are just a few of the reasons for the long term success of the relationship between CAES and the UniFirst Human Resources department.  Our relationship based approach to marketing and post placement follow up supports ensure that we maintain long term, successful relationships with inclusive employers in the Calgary business community.  We deeply value these relationships and are proud to continue to support UniFirst to champion workplace diversity.