IMG_7738Some people have jobs to pay the landlord and make the days pass by, and others are determined to find jobs that were made for them. When I think of determined I instantly think of Carol. Striving for a positive change Carol was not only offered the job of her dreams, she was also given a chance to work in a brand new building, which she literally watch being built. As an active member in her community she wanted to give back and work somewhere in her neighborhood. Carol watched the new Save On Foods being built and immediately knew, after 12 years of experience in the Food and Grocery Industry, that this company was the one she had been waiting for.

With confidence and grace Carol approached the managers and quickly won their vote.  Honest and proud in her ability to successfully get the job done, Carol managed to find a position which matched the store’s need and Carol’s expertise. Carol enjoys her work because she feels proud to work with leaders in inclusive employment, while pursuing her career passions. After only a few months on the job everyone knows Carol and enjoys her presence because of the exceptional warmth, positive attitude and wicked sense of humor that Carol brings to work each day.

CAES and the Calgary Employment First Network were proud to Cash Mob this local inclusive employer as a part of the Disability Employment Awareness Month Celebrations last week.  Stay tuned for video footage from all the DEAM events, coming soon!

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