FanAttic Kelsey Blog Image SmallWho says you can’t have the best of both worlds? Not sports fan and new employee of FanAttic Kelsey. Kelsey recently secured the position of Store Clerk with FanAttic, and states she feels so lucky to be able to work with children as an aide during the morning and greet cheerful rugged fans in the afternoon. Kelsey has worked with children for seven years but was seeking additional employment to further develop and expand on her many skills. Being a sports fan and athlete herself, Kelsey felt the desire to work somewhere positive and passionate about sports, the community and being active. So when the opportunity arrived at FanAttic, Kelsey jumped at the chance and was the perfect candidate. Over and above helping Kelsey memorize players last names for jerseys and training for the store, FanAttic has made Kelsey feel welcome and a part of the team. Treating Kelsey with respect and focusing on her potential to learn and grow both as an individual and employee, has made Kelsey feel confident and supported. This inclusive spirit fosters the development of each individual team member and is crucial for any team to become stronger. In diverse and amazing workplaces like FanAttic, all employees¬† get the best of both worlds.

Erin, CC