Minimum Wage Warning Increase Blog smallThis series of upcoming blogs deals with the issue of increasing the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour. My colleagues and I find the issue is fraught with misinformation, and we find that media quite often will present only one opinion on this issue. Granted, different media sources will often publish “their” version of what the repercussions will be once this comes into effect. However, we find that only one dominant perspective is presented throughout these publications.

The upcoming blogs will present all sides of the debate and we will endeavor to provide statistical information along with the blogs. We hope that our readers will have as much information as possible to critically formulate their own opinion (imagine that!).

Our blogs will cover articles from media outlets, including our own local news outlet. They will focus on the opinions of the right-wing segment of our society and the left-wing segment. We will also include our own opinions based on our experience helping marginalized people find employment, this will be complemented by feedback from local businesses that practice paying people living wage.

We strongly encourage our readers to voice their opinion when reading our blogs. Engagement with others strongly promotes dialogue, which is much needed with this issue.

We look forward to your feedback!


The CAES team