Workplace Loyalty Small Blog ImageWhere do your loyalties lay?

A wise man recently stated it is best to be loyal to yourself first and foremost before you are able to be loyal to a career or employer. A strong, although smart statement, makes one think “Am I really being loyal to my true self on a daily basis?”.  For most of us a daily basis is employment.

When seeking the most fulfilling career for yourself,  it’s best to take the time to dig deep to bring out your passions and desires, and focus on what you really want to contribute to the workforce. Investing in yourself by exploring what makes you whole and humble, while also working to achieve your personal best, will only bring out your greatest qualities. Feeling confident and engaged in your skills and career will show employers your strongest attributes and that you are motivated to succeed.

As stated in the TLNT article Workplace Loyalty? Here’s the New Way It Can Work on the Job Today – “Never stop learning”. When approached or given opportunities to learn and become an expert in your desired career, take them and build your level of future growth and happiness. Once you are true and loyal to yourself then you will be ready to be loyal to an employer and your abilities will shine.

Erin, CC