Consulting image blog 150xMention the phrase ‘workplace accommodations’ and all of a sudden the mind starts racing, unfortunately often in the wrong direction. Employers often fear that there is a large cost associated with providing accommodations or that they don’t have time to implement them. CAES is here to quell that fear.  As a part of our services designed to build employer capacity, CAES Career Consultants work closely with employers to develop sustainable and reasonable workplace accommodations without breaking the bank.  In most cases there is no cost at all and by providing accommodations you’re more likely to increase productivity, employee engagement, and overall job satisfaction across the board. Now here is the best part; chances are your business has already implemented workplace accommodation practices without even knowing it. Flexible work arrangements that deviate from the normal 9-5, telecommuting/working from home, modifications to job descriptions, assistive technologies (computer software/hardware,  furniture such as ergonomic desks or chairs) are just some of the examples of accommodations that could already be in place. Often it is just a small adjustment that can make a big difference. Take a moment to think about some of the things that your business is already doing to make working easier for your employee

Feeling better? Now take a look at this website from the folks at the Canadian Mental Health Association, they have compiled a great list of strategies your business could utilize to support someone that may need an accommodation.  Another fantastic employer resource is a comprehensive document put out by the Alberta Human Rights Commission detailing employer rights and responsibilities.  CAES is proud to offer customizable and flexible services to employers, contact us today to access workplace accommodation consulting.