CAES is excited to offer the first of a two-part series on Workplace Diversity Strategies. These Seminars will provide Calgary Employers with insights, information and tools to build their capacity to engage in inclusive recruitment and create inclusive workplaces.  Discover how to increase your organizational diversity and develop an inclusive and engaged workplace culture.  Become an employer of choice and be a leader in your field!

Curriculum Overview
Seminar 1:

  • Overview of the benefits of Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace
  • The theory of ‘Universal Design’: How your organization can utilize this concept
  • Exploring Recruitment: Addressing Systems of Exclusion and Implementing System Solutions
  • Developing Accommodations: Mechanisms for Equality
  • Building Inclusion in Your Workplace: A Platform for Engagement
  • Asses your current Diversity practices with our HR Audit: Performance and Adaptability

We look forward to seeing you on April 23 at the Calgary Chamber of CommerceRegister today as there are limited tickets available!