Stacked blocks blog image smallFor many of us, work is much more than simply a means to a financial end.  Our place of employment can be where we connect with our peers, colleagues, and community members.  It is where we invest our time and energy, where we utilize our talents and develop new skills. A healthy workplace has many benefits including fostering feelings of inclusion and of being a valued and productive member of society.

Unfortunately for many employees this is not always the case.  No matter how good your intentions are, it can be extremely difficult to thrive in an unhealthy workplace.  There are many factors that contribute to creating an unhealthy workplace, and several different organizational ways to tackle these issues.  While some strategies need a top-down approach and require organizational or procedural changes, there are actions individuals can take to kick start the journey towards a healthier workplace.

For those looking to create long term sustainable change in their workplace culture the implementation of the Workplace Psychological Health and Safety Standard is a beneficial endeavor.  There are several resources for employers available online and PH&S Consultation is also offered by CAES.