Handshake image small blog 150 xCalgarian’s are rolling into 2016 fresh off the 4th? 5th? round of layoffs from large Calgary Employers.  This recession has resulted in a significant increase in unemployment in a relatively short time frame.  For those struggling to secure employment, this is a challenging and somewhat daunting time.  For those organizations bringing on new staff, recruiters are also feeling daunted.  Job seekers are sending in resumes in droves and recruiters are now sorting through hundreds of resumes.  This current economy has resulted in a large pool of diverse, talented, qualified candidates; some of who are orchestrating significant career changes.

In speaking with Calgary Recruiters in this ‘Employer Market’ many are unsure of where to start, how to select candidates that are the best match, and how to ensure retention. HR Professional Allison Grace advocates for an increased focus on organization and utilizing top talent.

During economic downturns, you need to retain your key performers and be extra diligent about who you hire.

Employment Professionals Canada also advocates for increased organization and prescreening of candidates.  Clearly this is a time for recruiters to be increasingly scrupulous with their hiring choices and efficient with their time.  Utilizing external services and connecting with local Service Providers can increase the effectiveness of recruitment and retention during an economic recession.

CAES represents Candidates who are seeking competitive employment similar to many other Calgarians – except for a few significant factors.  CAES Candidates are individuals who have undergone an extensive prescreening process including career assessments, skills evaluation, and training upgrades.  CAES Candidates are not individuals who are looking for a quick-fix-job who will jump back to their previous positions as soon as the economy picks up.  CAES Candidates work with in house Career Consultants to ensure that their targeted jobs are careers they are qualified for and passionate about – with companies that they are invested in growing with.  Job seekers with disabilities have a 72% higher retention rate and bring a wealth of benefits to workplace culture.  It would seem that there has never been a better time to diversify hiring practices, and utilize CAES services, to ensure your company recruits and retains the best possible candidates.

See our Candidate page featuring profiles and resumes of our talented and diverse CAES Candidates and contact us today to see how we can support your recruitment needs during this time.